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Gain the advantage of smart inventory management and reduce your company spend by partnering with Applied MSSSM.

Our innovative approach and cutting-edge inventory solutions significantly streamlines your supply management and reduces your business spend.


Identify the items you want secured and the location you prefer in your facility

Our team will outfit your room with secure locks and cameras, as well as synchronize each storeroom transaction to your account.

  • Secure your valuable assets and tools
  • Reduce spend & consumption of consumables
  • Manage access levels by individual


Keep track of what inventory you have on hand and how much you have used.

Track costs to job codes and know how much you're spending on supplies to get the job done.
  • Track to job codes
  • Track other products for your facility
  • Track supply consumption to user, department or job


Manage your supplies from the Inventory IQ Dashboard integrated into your account.

Adjust inventory levels and set automated replenishment levels.
  • Item transactions
  • Item usage by user, group and job
  • Inventory item balances
  • Tool check-in & check-out
  • Manage item min/max levels

Manage Inventory & Integrated Replenishment

Ensure you have the right products and the right quantity in stock when you need them. Take advantage of the power of inventory management. 

Manage your supplies like a pro with inventory level management and integrated replenishment settings.

Track Valuable Assets

Keep track of your tools and other high-value assets with the tool check-in and check-out feature. 

You’ll know who has checked out the tool and can be notified if it isn’t returned by your set time.

Real Time Tracking & Reporting

Keep tracking of your supplies Our Inventory IQ system will let you know exactly where your supplies are and when they return.

Every activity that takes place inside your storeroom is captured and synchronized with your account.

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