2023 Annual Cutting Promotion

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Kwik Cut® Hurricane™ Reduced Shank Drills

  • Unique tip geometry reduces heat generation & increases tool life
  • Easily enlarges existing holes without damaging the point
  • Split-point design gives accurate starting and is self-centering eliminating the need for the use of a center punch
  • Ideal for hard steel, sheet metal, brass, & acrylics
  • Flats on shank reduces chuck slippage
  • 6″ overall length
  • Made in USA

Kwik Cut® Cryo-Nitride Drills

  • Creates a more uniform “grain” structure by transforming retained austenite into martensite thus removing brittleness and reducing breakage.
  • Liquid nitrogen diffuses nitrides into the surface to create a case hardening surface resulting in a superior tool life.
  • Ideal for stainless steels, alloy steels, spring steels, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steels and tool steels.
  • Modifies the carbon micro-structure through precipitation of carbides increasing resistance to wear
  • Self-centering 135° split point adds stability to drilling

Kwik Cut® Kwik Change Drills

  • 1/4″ hex shank allows quick tool changes, saving time
  • Designed for hand held drills
  • Hi-Moly tool steel
  • 135° split point for fast penetration and accurate starting

How do you make a drill bit last longer?

Keeping drill bits lubricated lengthens the life of the drill bit

Try Kwik Cut® Metal Working Lubricant to double the life of your cutting tool and eliminate chip welding.
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Kwik Cut® Hurricane™ Reamer

  • Reamers are for use in enlarging previously formed or drilled holes
  • Mechanics length reamers are specially designed for use on structural steel plates in truck frames, rail cars, bridges and pressure vessels
  • Reamer has 3 flats on shank to prevent the bit from slipping
  • Unique tip geometry on drill reduces heat generation and improves cutting tool life
  • Drill has split point for accurate starting and is self-centering eliminating the need for a center punch
  • Comes in a lightweight, impact-resistant case
  • Made in the USA