Covid-19 Company Updates

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019

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UPDATE AS OF 3/19/2020
As we continue to monitor events associated with the COVID-19 virus, the company’s current status remains unchanged. The health and safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority and there are a number of preventative measures we are taking and workplace policies we are implementing to ensure we safely navigate this situation.
Our contingency plan includes a constant monitoring of and adherence to CDC recommendations for travel and preventative actions related to COVID-19. For our customers, we are committed to keeping our services up and running; we know how important our products are to your business, and how a delayed order can impact your ability to do your job. We want to highlight additional measures and steps that we are proactively engaging in throughout our organization to ensure service:
  • Our internal communications system promptly notifies associates of COVID-19 updates and affiliated company processes and responses.
  • Preventative and enhanced cleaning has been established at our numerous locations.
  • We are following the CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices and advising our employees accordingly.
  • In addition to the CDC travel guidelines, we have instituted a review and approval process for work-related air travel to minimize risk of exposure by our associates.
  • We are closely monitoring the disease severity in local markets where communities and businesses have been impacted. Our point-of-sale data management system can scan our entire inventory in seconds to locate parts at our service centers and distribution centers aiding in identifying critical inventory in non-affected markets / communities. We can then take the appropriate and CDC approved measures to deliver the products in those markets.
  • Our company-wide contingency plan ensures that we can continue to service our customers even if a location has to close, including putting in the information technology tools needed to allow our associates to work from home should the need arise. We have also established a process to balance service center demand to handle customer needs.
  • We constantly track supply chain issues. To date, we have not received notice from any major supplier of anticipated shortages of our primary products, with the exception of a limited subset of safety products such as masks and hand sanitizers. Furthermore, Applied MSS sources parts from multiple suppliers in various geographies in order to maintain continuity in our sourcing channels. In most instances, if we experience a shortage by one supplier, we can find an equivalent part from another supplier. Should we receive information that leads us to believe a shortage of product will occur, we will assess which customers will be impacted and communicate this information as soon as available.
Should we become aware that any of our associates are exposed to COVID-19 or have contracted COVID-19 we will follow CDC guidance on appropriate notice requirements, including whether notice would need to be provided to any customers.