Track and control the boring stuff that makes the cool stuff.

The Direct Cost of Indirect Materials

When someone said, “It’s the little things that get you,” they probably weren’t talking about gloves, batteries, belt sanders or safety goggles. But with U.S. companies annually spending upwards of $150 billion on indirect materials — and roughly half of that inventory going unused each year — it certainly applies. Fortunately, there’s already a way for businesses to save up to 30% on indirect material spending.

APPLIED MSSSM Inventory Management Solutions

Applied MSSSM has partnered with SupplyPro to bring you industry-leading inventory management solutions and improve the availability, tracking and control of more than 60 million SKUs. Our customized solutions combine the most flexible inventory management systems available with robust intelligence software to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce inventory costs.

The Levels of Control.

Our rugged equipment provides whatever levels of access, control and tracking you need — from single item, multi SKU, and weight-based, to compartment, door, and lid-level, to consumables, returnables, tools and calibrated items — we’ve got it covered.