Materials are sold only with such warranties as may be extended by the manufacturer of the product. Services performed by third parties are subject only to those warranties extended by such third parties. APPLIED MSS MAKES NO WARRANTY AND ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. Buyer is responsible for installation and use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Products are sold for commercial use only and are not intended for use by consumers. APPLIED MSS specifically disclaims all warranties to those defined as consumers under the Magnuson-Moss Act. APPLIED MSS personnel are not authorized to alter this policy.

Contact your local Sales Representative or APPLIED MSS Sales Support Department at 1-800-321-1128 to get a Returned Material Authorization. Written explanation of the usage, field conditions, and other factors concerning the product’s claimed defect shall be provided by Buyer upon APPLIED MSS’s request before any replacement part or credit may be issued.